Winter leggings™ | Ultra warm fleece on the inside

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The most warm and versatile leggings available

Whether you wear our winter leggings for a cold weather activity, to relax at home, to run errands or to go out on the town, they'll keep you warm and stylish all season long.

Made from a blend of premium lycra and polyester, our Winter Leggings are form-fitting, yet move with you without being constricting.

Plush and thick interior 

Putting on our Winter Leggings is like wrapping your favorite blanket around your legs. We've chosen the thickest, plushest cotton to wrap your legs around for superior warmth.

What sets our Sherpa-Cotton leggings apart? Our competitors' cotton leggings claim to be designed for cold weather, but they're just a little thicker than regular leggings. Our leggings have a thick, plush interior that effectively insulates heat without adding extra material and helps prevent chafing.

Stay-Put high waistband

Du kan känna dig trygg med vårt stretchband som sitter stadigt på plats. Det högresta midjebandet mot nedfall stannar kvar ovanför naveln för maximal täckning. Det stramar också åt alla problemområden för att ge dig sexiga, släta linjer precis där du vill ha dem. Och den klarar Squat-testet med bravur!

You can feel safe with our stretch band that stays firmly in place. The high-stretch fall-prevention waistband stays above the belly button for maximum coverage. It also tightens any problem areas to give you sexy, smooth lines right where you want them. And it passes the squat test with flying colors!

Breathable for sublime comfort

Our fleece leggings have a smooth, breathable outer shell and are hemmed for perfect stretch and easy movement during all your activities. When you put our leggings on, you'll love how they mold to your body for a perfectly flattering fit, but they're never constricting. Our expertly crafted leggings will keep you cozy and warm during the winter months.

 Soft and comfortable fabric, perfect for everyday use

 Can be worn both inside and outside the home

 The perfect pair for a shirt, sweater, jacket or blouse

 Worldwide delivery

 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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